How to “run” the customer.
18.01.2023 11:37
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To thoroughly preparation for the perfect meeting with a man, it is not prohibited to “run” anforthcoming partner.In the digital age, finding information about a person is not difficult if you put in some effort and know how to do it.

How to find out interesting facts about the client?

    1. Turn to social media. Publicity is mainly loved by girls, but even on the stingy male Facebook page you can find minimal information - hobbies, gastronomic preferences, favorite vacation destinations. Convenient service for finding a person in social networks -

    2. Search by photo. A man usually has one photo, which he inserts into all messengers and accounts. There are now many applications to search for information about a person by photo. For example, the FindFace application.

    3. It is worth thinking if there is a photo with a bad resolution (small size) on the avatar. In this case, pass the photo through the Yandex picture or Google picture service.

    4. For peace of mind, make sure that your man is not on the blacklists that dating websites usually produce. It is important to understand that these lists should not be completely trusted. A man may have been put on the stop list by, for example, an offended girl.