Myths about escorting.
17.01.2023 15:27
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Who are these graceful seductresses with the smooth curves of seductive bodies? They are escort models and professionals in the sophisticated field of escort services. Outdated prejudices and popular myths "for old times' sake" classify escort beauties as prostitutes.

It's time to demystify the myths about escort services:

MYTH No.1: “Escort women are elite prostitutes who sell their bodies for money”

Model girls receive financial rewards from men, but not for sex. Professional escort women have higher education, many girls speak foreign languages, understand politics and sports, know the rules of etiquette. The luxurious appearance, chiseled figure and intelligence of such a woman give men what they lack in life - moral and aesthetic pleasure. And intimate communication is not excluded, but it only happens by mutual agreement.

MYTH No.2: “Anyone can become an escort”

No, not everyone is able! Even the most charming beauties with ideal proportions, but at the same time with zero intelligence have no chance of a career in this field. Success is determined by a versatile personality - actress, psychologist, combat friend, personal assistant. There are no «budget escorts» in this profession. The bar is too high to be reached only by trained applicants.

MYTH No.3: “Escort agencies are approached by men with intimate problems”

Men with these kinds of problems consult а doctor, escorts are approached by men who need a sophisticated and educated companion.

MYTH No.4: “Escorts don’t start families and don’t have children”

Escort is a job, not the meaning of life. All women sooner or later wake up maternal instinct, escort girls are no exception. They also meet their men, marry them and give birth to their heirs. Another issue is that some women return to the profession, and some remain to protect the family.

MYTH No.5: “After 30 years old - into retir​ement”

Just another myth. Female escort models are in demand after the age of 40 as well. At an elegant age, women are able to add charm and confidence to a man.
Most myths about escort services are outdated prejudices, but in our world there is always someone to blame. Nowadays, seductive escort models are in the crosshairs of the conservative public. But this fact does not prevent the beauties from attracting and charming, seducing and winning men's hearts.​