Personal manager for an escort employee –“Pros” and “Cons”
15.02.2023 11:47
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When a girl decides to work in the service sector, she has a choice to make:

self-employment or independent escort - looking for clients on her own.  

escort agencies - providing a client base and posting portfolios on agency websites.

● a personal manager who takes care of finding clients, advertising and security.

Today we will discuss the pros and cons of the contract with a personal manager - a person who is engaged in solving all organizational issues.

The advantages of working through an individual intermediary:

● Finding clients. The manager is engaged in attracting promising wealthy clients, and the girl does not need to spend time on this.

● Security. The tasks of the personal manager include ensuring the safety of escort employees and checking customers, if it is possible.

The possibility of concluding a short-term contract, for example, a tour abroad. The manager will draw up all the necessary documents, find accommodation in another country and organize the move.

The disadvantages of working with a personal manager.

● A high percentage. As a rule, good managers in escort services are expensive, so prepare to give up to 50% of your income.

● Dishonest partner. The intermediary may be dirty, deceive in money, having received one amount from the client, and pay the escort much less.

If you decide to contact the services of a personal manager, then use the recommendations. Even if the advertisement promises you golden mountains from your early days, resist the temptation and a find a trusted agent so that your start in escorting will be successful.