Plastic surgeon services for escort employees - «Pros» and «Сons»
07.02.2023 17:35
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In the escort industry, a perfect body is the key to success and high incomes.

Sooner or later, each escort model thinks about surgical correction of her appearance. But not everyone is in a hurry to exchange her natural forms for silicone breasts.

In our article we consider the pros and cons of plastic surgery for the escortemployees.

The benefits of plastic correction:

        1. Visible defects of appearance are unacceptable «luxury» for escort employees. And we are not talking about a mole or a barely visible scar right now.We are talking specifically about facial or body imperfections that cannot be disguised with high-quality cosmetics or clothes.In this case, there is only one solution: a professional plastic surgeon.

        2. Age. As a woman ages, she acquires the sophisticated charm that men appreciate so much.But the flip side of the coin is wrinkles and cellulite.In order to prolong her youthfulness and remain in demand in her profession, women turn to plastic surgery.

        3. Complexes. «Men do nоt want me because I have small breasts». Most likely, the reason lies not in artificial implants and mammoplasty. Вut the girl, having received the desired breast size, gets rid of her complexes and becomes more confident in herself.And high self-esteem and a confident look are a magnet for men.

The disadvantages of plastic surgery:

        1. Loss of authentic naturalness. Men appreciate the naturalness in a woman, and a small, barely noticeable flaw is the icing on the cake.Experienced escort women sense this, so they do not rush to remove a facial or body features surgically.

        2. Rehabilitation. Plastic surgery is an operation followed by rehabilitation, which takes from 2 weeks to 2 months.During this period of time,escort women fall out ofthe work process, lose customers and money.

        3. Post-operative complications are the most important point in favor of the "cons". Despite the development of global medicine, the consequences of surgery can be irreparable.

If you decide to have plastic surgery, choose only clinics that are trusted. Gather reviews and recommendations about the plastic surgeon to whom you have decided to entrust your health and beauty.