The average earnings in escort services in different countries around the world
15.02.2023 10:51
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The whole world at your feet: professional escorts are open to the prospect of high earnings almost anywhere in the world. But where it is most profitable to work, we will tell you in our article.

To help you make the right choice, we offer an overview of income levels in escorts of different countries.

Europe. It is safest and most profitable to work in the Schengen area - France, Germany, Italy. With minimal experience, a bright appearance and intelligence, an escort girl earns on average - 300 euros per hour, per month earnings reach 100,000 dollars. We recommend working through an escort agency so you can be sure of your protection and support.

Asia. Tours to the Arab Emirates and Israel will undoubtedly bring in high returns of 50,000 to 80,000 dollars per month, but there are pitfalls - the laws of the East. When planning a tour to Asia, it is important to respect the laws and traditions of the local population. No revealing clothes, no alcohol and no provocative behaviour.

USA. Escorts earn good money in America, but there are difficulties in obtaining visas and employment through an escort agency (see the article  "How to get a business visa in the USA”). It is not a bad option for a novice escort to get a tourist visa and get a job as an assistant to an experienced escort woman.

The income of girls in the United States directly depends on the region. For example, in New York, an experienced escort woman earns 800 dollars per hour, a month net profit - from 40,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars. Assistants also receive a good salary - an average of 500 dollars per hour, monthly income will depend on the number of clients that the mentor shares.

Before packing your bags and running for a visa, be sure to study in detail all aspects of working and living in the selected country: the political situation, crime rates and feedback from female colleagues who have had experience in this direction.