The disadvantages of working in an escort
08.02.2023 12:25
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​The escort industry is a world of big money and high earnings. But at the same time there are many dangerous twists and turns - attempts to cheat, scammers, rough treatment.

Let's figure out what kind of risks the girls from the escort may face and how they can avoid it.

Rough treatment. There are male individuals who easily lose control, up to the use of force.The reason may be the girl’s refusal of sexual experimentation or even the wrong answer.As a rule, such clients have long settled on the black lists of escort websites.Before meeting with a new partner, do not be lazy to check the negative reviews.Of course, they are not 100% reliable, but still if the client appears in the black lists for the same reason several times - it is causeto think.

Deception. After the date, the man did not pay. In order not to remain in the red, ask to pay for an appointment at the beginning of the date, preferably by transferring to a card.

There are a number of cases where an unscrupulous customer pays and then takes the cache after the meeting.

Every escort model knows about the above risks, but there are still pitfalls of the profession that novice escort women do not guessabout.

Loss of reference points in life. When a girl successfully enters the profession, big money, luxury, travel fall on her.All these abundances can throw you off your reference point in life. To avoid this, set yourself achievable goals - not just to live luxuriously, but, for example, to earn an apartment.

Alcohol and drugs. It often happens that a girl loses her head, succumbs to the temptations of a beautiful life and begins to abuse alcohol and drugs. This leads to a sad ending.

Be safe and take care of yourself!