VIP models, which girls are on trend right now?
15.02.2023 11:28
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In the world of escort, as in any other area, there is a rating of employees. The first positions are occupied by VIP models - these are premium girls with experience, perfect appearance, knowledge of etiquette, speaking foreign languages and having unique skills.

Nowadays, to be on trend and work as a high-end escort, it is not enough just to have a spectacular appearance.

So what qualities does a model need to be on trend?

1.    Charisma and energy. In addition to outward appearance, men are especially sensitive to the timbre of the voice, languid, wistful gaze and the smooth sexual body movements. A girl can develop the skills of a female pick-up by herself, constantly improving her abilities.

2.    Fashion style. Invisible my stiquein the girl attracts men’s attention, but extreme minis and deep cleavagesare left in the distant past. The model's properly selected wardrobe will help her to make the right impression.

3.    Talents. Use and develop your talents. If you pick up a microphone at an event or personal meeting and professionally perform a song, you will definitely become the star of the evening, and your companion will feel like a hero.

4.    Unique skills. It is not necessary to be a professional in the field of massage or striptease, it is enough to have basic techniques to surprise and please a partner. A sexual dance or erotic massage will not leave any man indifferent.

5.    Popularity. One of the important criteria to be on trend for a model is her recognition. Of course, from the first days you are unlikely to become mega-popular, but with the right approach you will definitely succeed.

By investing time and resources in her appearance and development, the girl will be at the top of the escort agencies rankings, gain popularity, and as a consequence have a high income.