How did the escort service come about?
18.01.2023 11:10
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The history of the founding of escort services goes back to the distant past in Europe.The Renaissance saw the emergence of well-groomed, educated and talented courtesans who catered to the intimate and social needs of wealthy men.

Courtesans differed from brothel prostitutes, who were paid to please men of different backgrounds.The very concept of "courtesan" denoted an elite mistress on the maintenance of wealthy and status men.Patrons took care of their favorites, gave gifts and often married the girls.

The flamboyant courtesan of yesteryear is the incomparable Cora Pearl.She charmed and drove half the male population of Paris crazy.So the young Frenchman Alexander Duval first spent his fortune on Cora, and when rejected, he shot himself on the doorstep of the courtesan’s house.

Meanwhile in Asia,the pleasure industry was led by geishas.Geishas are elegant and sophisticated girls in classic Japanese kimonos.The vocation of those beauties is to give aesthetic pleasure to men.In the company of geishas men enjoyed refined company, music, graceful dancing, fascinating intellectual conversation and gastronomic delights.Geishas did not have sex with clients, but thanks totheir profession, they found worthy wealthy patrons.

In those days, special schools for geisha were opened.A graduate of such a school, Mineko Iwasaki, became a real star in the geisha world.Mineko was incredibly popular not only among men, but also among women.Iwasaki was invited to an audience with Prince Charles and Elizabeth II. Although both public and royal figures did not impress the young geisha, what Iwasaki wrote about in a frank memoir.

The escort services industry is not standing still, it is developing in step with the times.So a modern luxury escort girl combines both - the flamboyant sex appeal of a courtesan and the graceful sophistication of a geisha.This crazy cocktail gives true pleasure to the soul and body.​