How To Last Longer in Bed
17.04.2024 11:33
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Sexual performance is an area that everyone is keen to improve. Being good in bed not only boosts your self-esteem, but also ensures that your partner is fully satisfied.

However, not lasting long enough is a frustrating pitfall that many gentlemen tend to fall in. And while it may seem impossible to fix, there are actually a number of ways you can alleviate this problem.

In this blog, we’ll be teaching you how to make the good times go the distance. Prepare to take your partner's pleasure to the max, and up your game between the sheets.

Indulge Your Partner In Foreplay.

When it comes to improving your longevity, receiving foreplay may not have the desired effect. Being the giver, on the other hand, works wonders for both you and your partner. 


Here are just a few of the benefits of not skipping this step:


       Speeding Up Her Climax: The main reason women are left disappointed when their partner finishes early is because they haven’t had their chance to yet. After all, when you’re all hot and heavy, it can be frustrating when things grind to a halt shortly after.


However, when you take matters into your own hands (literally), you can ensure that she is equally as fulfilled as you are. This not only makes for a happy partner, but eases the pressure when you get under the covers.


*        More Satisfaction For You: Hearing just how much your partner is enjoying it (if you catch our drift!) makes for an undoubtedly pleasurable experience.

*        Boosts Intimacy and Closeness: Ultimately, sex in a relationship isn’t about just getting to the finish line. It’s about creating an intimate bond, exploring eachothers bodies, and becoming closer as a couple. 


There truly is no better way to forge a strong connection than doing your best to take each other to cloud nine. Trust us, you and your relationship will be thanking us later!

Lay Down The Groundwork.

Self-pleasuring beforehand is a classic move for a reason. It is a tried and tested method that works like a charm for keeping the good times rolling. 

Before you and your partner get into the action, indulge in a little bit of ‘you time’ beforehand. We don’t have to tell you how to do this; we’re sure you can figure it out! 

That being said, to avoid any interruptions or awkward conversations, try to time it for when your partner isn’t home. Or, invest in a really good pair of headphones and keep moans to a minimum!

Call In Some Professional Help.

If the following methods don’t work, it may be time to call in the help of an expert. While it may seem a bit strange, many refer to escorts in times of sexual trouble, and leave feeling like a totally new man!


But what exactly is it that an escort can do for you? Here are some of the ways that escorts can improve your stamina and your sex life as a whole: 


*        A Non-Judgemental Ear: Contrary to popular belief, escorts offer far more than just erotic indulgence. They are also great listeners, and often guide their clients through struggles in their lives. Opening up to an escort can be a great way to get things off your chest, and you could even leave with some advice to take home as well. 

*        Feedback and Suggestions: Everyone knows that the best way to improve at something is to receive feedback. And with an escort, you can get exactly that! They will provide careful constructive criticism, whilst being mindful of your feelings.


Curious about the best places to find escorts? We recommend London escorts from London Deluxe is undoubtedly the best choice. Their call girls are amongst the best in the world in terms of class, elegance, and sophistication.


So, there we have it! We hope that we’ve taught you a thing or two about lasting longer in bed. Be sure to put these tips into practice, and watch your sexual prowess soar to new heights.