What is the difference between escorting services and prostitution?
17.01.2023 10:19
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Both prostitution and escorting services are designed to give true pleasure and satisfy men's needs. The first impression is that there is no difference between prostitutes and escort workers - both sell their bodies for money. But this is a popular misconception!

The difference between the two professions is obvious. Luxury escorting is accompanying and pleasurable leisure time that ends in intimacy only by mutual consent of the partners, while prostitution is just sex for money.

Let’s look at the example of the difference between escort and prostitution:

Imagine that you feel very hungry. You need to eat urgently to satisfy it. Where will you go to satisfy your daily need? Probably the nearest burger joint - a quick, hearty and inexpensive bite to eat, refresh yourself and go further on business. And if the plan is to enjoy your gastronomic and aesthetic pleasure with exquisite service in pleasant company, you will go to a restaurant. Moreover, you will not choose the restaurant closest to the house, but popular, with a high rating and positive reviews. There you will also satisfy your hunger, but in another pleasant refined way, which will for a long time preserve the aftertaste of expensive dishes and a pleasant atmosphere.

In prostitution, there are high-end and low-budget lady-lovers, while escorts are only an expensive treat. The investment of escort girls in appearance and self-development is so high that they simply cannot afford low fees for their services.

There are no budget escorts. If you meet the ad "Escort to events for wealthy men or escort services INEXPENSIVE," immediately pass by - here is a fake hidden.