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  • NickDick1
    I was hesitant to meet with Sophia! Glad I took a chance. Service was decent for a first meeting. I'll definitely visit at least one more time. Also first provider I've seen keep their room clean so that's a plus.
    Last updated: 26/12/2022
  • Chad
    I needed a super spectacular girl to go with her to an important event. I took me a long time to make a choice, it is nice when there is a choice, and there are so many beautiful girls! 😛 I chose this girl and I am very happy! She did a great job, handled herself well and interacted with the partners at the highest level. Proffi!
    Last updated: 13/03/2023
  • Douglas
    Choose only her always, she will make you the happiest man.... What is she doing, God... Hot in bed, and by the way, there is something to talk about with her, the girl is far from stupid. Very pleasant every time!
    Last updated: 14/03/2023