Blacklisting on escort websites,is it worth trusting?
15.02.2023 11:32
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"I found four of my regular clients on the blacklist with negative reviews; in fact they are well-mannered and well-off men. My meetings with them always went well, if not perfectly: all agreements were respected, no force majeure.I tend not to trust blacklists on websites of agencies, but I still always checkit before meeting a new client."

So is it worth believing all reviews unconditionally?

People are not always blacklisted for an objective reason. In 25% of cases, there is slander as a petty revenge. But still, a negative reference list is the only source where you can find information about an upcoming client and prepare for an appointment. Do not be lazy to look into this list and make sure that there is no black mark on your partner with whom you have to spend the evening. If a client ends up on lists and appears in more than one review for the same reason, it is a motive to think twice and even better to cancel the appointment. Safety is more important.

In general, it can be said that the "Blacklist" is mostly negative feedback about both model girls and clients of escort agencies. Although it is possible to meet neutral reviews as well. And in most cases, the reviews on the website are unverified, here you have to make a decision on your own - to believe or take a risk.

What are the reasons for being on the blacklist:

Theft. It is rare, but there are cases of theft. Clients of escort agencies are wealthy people who may have a lot of cash in their wallets at the time of the meeting. This is a temptation for unscrupulous escort employees. Some give in to the temptation of easy profits, thus giving up on elite escorting work.

Failed to pay or underpaid. This is an excuse to blacklist an unscrupulous customer.

Rude or inappropriate behaviour. If the client prefers unconventional sex, this should be negotiated before the meeting. Girls who are not intimidated by sexual experimentation agree to these meetings. If a man expressed his desire already at the time of the meeting, the girl has the right to refuse. Not all men adequately perceive refusals, some of them can show strength in obtaining what they want. Such persons end up on blacklists of escort websites. If you check the feedback, you can verify its authenticity.

A mismatch between the photo and the realistic appearance. For this reason, both the escort employee and the client may be blacklisted. For example, an offended escort woman might have blacklisted a client because he "came, saw and left". And the reason for leaving in most cases lies in a discrepancy with the expectations of a man. He saw one girl in the photo, but a completely different girl was in front of him.Here it is more a question for the model - did she overdo it with Photoshop or did she post photos of someone else? Then, on the contrary, the client can blacklist the pseudo-model.