Can I post a profile on this site for free?
Yes, if you provide independent escort services or if you are a representative of an escort agency or an employee of a strip-club. All other individuals or organizations can buy advertising on the advertising areas of the website on general terms.
What do you offer to agencies and club owners?
After registration of escort agency or striptease club profile you have an opportunity to put any number of questionnaires on your page, by the general rules (1 questionnaire per person, no duplicates) and to promote them, either separately or all together - advertising your agency on the pages of the site. You can specify any contact information about your agency (including address) and invite all clients of our site, without exception.

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to post vacancies, because by registering on our website you get access to the largest escort service catalog in the world!!
What opportunities do you offer to promote the questionnaire?
After creating and verifying your profile on our website your questionnaire will be posted on our main page for free.Subsequently, you get the opportunity to raise your questionnaire in searches using the TOP, service, fix it on the main page with the VIP, service, as well as to put a banner with your contact information on the main pages of the site. All options are available for individual models as well as agencies and clubs.
What recommendations do you have for placing a quality questionnaire?
We advise you to pay attention to several key rules for creating an interesting questionnaire for clients:

  • Be sure to upload real photos in high quality - this is the first thing the user looks at (the more the better)
  • Try to give as detailed and truthful information about yourself and the services you provide as possible. A little bit of artistry in the description will do you good.
  • A very popular communication tool these days is video - take the opportunity to upload your video materials and be sure to use our STORIES functionality.
  • Make sure that all contact details are correct otherwise the customer will not be able to contact you!
  • Use the promotion services that we have prepared for you - TOP and VIP

We strongly recommend against doing the following things:

  • Do not post false information. Every profile is carefully moderated, and fake questionnaires will be deleted permanently.
  • Do not create duplicate profiles. It is better to spend more time on quality completion and promotion of the one profile (moreover, the repeated ones will be deleted).
  • Do not cross the line in the posted materials. Do not forget that a little mystery will only add interest to your profile!
How do I keep my privacy when posting photos?
The site rules require you to post your real photos in your profile, but we do not insist on showing your face.You can hide the part of the photo with the face, or make the image in that part blurred - but please, do not add other pictures or captions to the photo in an attempt to hide the face - it usually looks bad.
Why do I need to place a personal banner?
We place your banner and a link to your project/site/social network - which gives you an additional advantage in the search results (our site has very high key indicators, which makes placing your link here very relevant for Google and similar search engines) Your banner will be on a separate page, the link to which leads directly from the main page - - this will give you a huge number of clicks from customers and website visitors
What are the conditions for placing a personal banner?
We offer to place a banner absolutely free. All you need to do for this is to place a banner on your website with a link to You can choose one of the prepared options for our banners here - - and place it on your page using the embed code next to the banner image.
I want to place a personal banner! How to do it?
Go to the "Control" section of your personal account. Under your photo you will see a line asking you to provide a link to your site, as well as the ability to upload your photo. After moderation and confirmation of the presence of a banner on your site, your banner will be placed on the page
How do I get the "Verified" badge?
We want to provide our customers with only reliable and accurate information, so we offer all models to get the "Verified" distinctive sign. Questionnaires with this mark will be ranked higher on all pages of the site, including the home page.

In order to get this mark after registering you need to visit the "Profile management" page of your personal account. Then click on "Edit account" under the main photo and then "Confirm profile". On the page that opens you will be asked to send a full-length photo with your face open and contact details.After checking your picture by our moderator, you will receive a notification and your questionnaire will receive the status "Verified". You can see the full instructions for obtaining the "Verified" status on the page - link
How can I edit my profile?
You are free to edit your profile at any time, but after each change we will send it for a new moderation.Do not worry - this is a quick procedure, usually takes no more than a few hours, but during these hours your profile will be inactive.For this reason we recommend editing on days you do not plan to work or use your profile actively.We do so only in order to provide reliable and complete information to our customers. We hope you understand!
Does the website charge the model or the client for services provided?
No. As well as posting on the site, all services rendered are provided by you personally and we do not charge any commissions or additional fees.You can communicate with clients freely, in any way you describe in your profile.Clients are also free to access your profile and can contact you directly.
If I do not agree with the review that was published in my profile. Can I delete it?
All reviews go through strict moderation and are only published after careful checking. You can not remove feedback yourself but you always have the option of replying to it directly on the form, as well as informing us of inaccurate information or foals via the feedback form.
What if I move to another city (country)?
We offer 2 options:

  • For long trips or a change of permanent place of work, we recommend simply changing your profile information, undergoing a quick moderation and using it further.
  • For shorter trips we suggest you use our unique tour system: you can plan and covery our trips in advance and your profile will be displayed in the selected city.
What do you do to ensure the safety of profile holders?
Unfortunately, there is a lot of deception and inaccurate information on the Internet.We would like to warn you that you will never be asked for personal information (like passwords or private banking details) from our site administration. We recommend you to send us all suspicious messages, as well as messages containing strange links or text, via the feedback form. We will take all measures to identify and remove dishonest users

We also do everything possible to protect your personal data from automatic tracking and information collection systems.
What are the opportunities offered by registering on the website?
Having completed a simple and absolutely free registration on our website you will get unlimited access to all the profiles in the world. With the help of the "Favorites" function, you can customize all content to your personal taste, keep up to date with news about your favorite models or establishments and take part in all the planned promotions and events.
Can the website administration help in arranging a meeting or ordering additional services?
Administration of this website is not engaged in the provision of escort services and has no relation to the owners of the profiles or organizations listed in the directory.All communication with the girls you are interested in is carried out through the contact details mentioned in the questionnaire.All additional options are also negotiated at the meeting or the day before with the person providing the service.
How can I contact the model I'm interested in?
We provide full access to the contact details of each model.All you have to do is visit her profile page. The contact section will contain all the details provided by the author (usually phone number, email address and messengers).You can also click the button "contact this escort" and it will allow you to email the model directly through our website.If the model has a personal website, you will also see this information in the “Contacts” section of the profile or on the personal banner.
Am I free to advertise on this website?
Yes, if you provide independent escort services or if you are a representative of an escort agency or an employee of a strip-club. All other individuals or organizations can buy advertising on the advertising areas of the website on general terms.
Why do I have to go through the profile verification procedure? How can I do this?
We want to give our clients only quality and verified information. In order to achieve this we have developed a verification procedure for each model profile and those who pass it get the top spots in our directories!By fulfilling a simple condition, you will get your profile promotion for free, and every client will be sure to get what they expect with you.All you have to do is visit the profile management section (control), click on "edit account" and go to the "Verify profile" section. On this page you will find a detailed description of our requirements for questionnaire verification and you will easily pass the last step.Remember that a verified profile inspires much greater client confidence!
Why are there no active profiles in my city?
We have tried to collect as many profiles as possible and this situation is unlikely.But if you are faced with such a situation - please contact us via the feedback form.We will do our best to invite to our website representatives from your city, who will be able to provide quality services.
How can I report a fake profile or a case of a model cheating?
To report a fake profile, you can make a complaint directly on the model page. The button is located in the "Contacts" section - you will be able to contact the website administration directly.

To combat unscrupulous profile owners, we maintain round-the-clock communication via a feedback form. After checking the data we will permanently delete the profile of the scammer without the right to restore it, including other similar sites! You can also blacklist a model, agency, or client who is cheating or trying to cheat. Read more about this opportunity here - link
How not to become a victim of scammers?
We have extensive experience of combating scammers and have developed specific security protocols for adding new profiles to our website. Unfortunately, cases of deception cannot be 100% avoided. That’s why we would like to tell you about the main points that we recommend you to keep in mind in order to protect yourself:

  • Try to order services only from the pages of verified profiles. These are people who have confirmed their identity and the chance of encountering fraud is minimal.
  • Do not agree to any advance payments, except in the individual cases agreed on the profile pages in advance.
  • If possible, book an escort service to your apartment.
  • Avoid visiting places with a bad reputation in your city while you are receiving the service.
  • If you have been the victim of a scammer - please write to us via the feedback form. We will do everything we can to ensure that the owner of such a profile will no longer be able to make money in this way.
How can I access a pornstar's contacts?
Full instructions on how to get access to the contacts of a porn star you can see on the page - link
How do I get TOP or VIP statuses
You can see the full instructions for acquiring TOP and VIP statuses on the page - link